Bentley 18 Month Old Male American Staffordshire Terrier.  Bentley is a Handsome, Happy, Loving, Playful young Staffie.  Bentley is an awesome boy and so very handsome.  He is a big baby and loves to be loved on...but he is not the best at sharing his food bowl :( Macho and Sweetpea We have been together all of our lives and are hoping to find a family who will bring the two of us home.  We are quite tiny after all!  We spent years of our lives as a breeding pair in a puppy mill but we survived and would love to find a new family who will teach us all about being spoiled rotten! Haven at the Paws Inn Alex - VERY LOVING Max I am a six or seven year old cockapoo.  My owners couldn’t keep me any longer so they surrendered me to animal control.  I am losing my vision in one (possibly both) eys so sometimes I bump into things.  I love to go for walks and love to cuddle.  Won’t you share your home with me? Nicky--Beagle / Treeing Walker x   One Hot Tamale  “Tina” Female Pomeranian.  MISSING believed to be in the possession of Doug and Theresa Blasek in Racine, WI.  Doug states that Tina ran away and is lost - we do not believe him, we believe that Doug and Theresa simply do not wish to pay the adoption fee for little Tina.  Please contact us with any sightings or information. Seth - CATTLE DOG CROSS JUST LOOKING FOR LOVE! Fish - Border Collie Mix Hudson- HIGH ENERGY! ! I an amazing, sweet boy.  When I came into animal control I was so matted that I couldn’t even open my eyes or move my tail.  I don’t know how that could happen to a very good dog like me.  If you are looking for a poodle mix who is low energy and gets along with everybody I hope you will give me a chance! PLEASE CONSIDER ONE OF OUR HARDER TO ADOPT DOGS they will repay you a thousand fold!  Cooper - TINY SHIH TZU! I was a breeding dog in a puppy mill for the first several years of my life.  I am friendly with people I know but am still very afraid of strangers.  I don’t have a mean bone in my little body though so all I do is run and hide.  I need a patient quiet home and would love to have some doggie friends too! (PS I live with Alex at the Haven and we get along great!) PLEASE BE PATIENT WHILE WE FETCH THE REST OF OUR PUPS! This poor dude has just not had an easy life.  Seth’s owner burned down his house and Seth and his good buddy were left homeless and ownerless.  Now we know that Seth might not be the most handsome dog at our place but he is sure the most loving.  I admit ithat I have no idea what I am doing on this page.  I think it might be because when I first meet new people I get very excited and jump too much.  I am sweet, smart, affectionate and adorable and a nice medium size.  I am only a little bit over one year old and am great with other dogs and love children!  I am very sweet and get along well with everybody but I am a bit of an escape artist so a home with a nice fenced yard or with a mom or dad who might like to take me running or biking would be perfect for me.  I am not too big, only about 35 lbs and am such a pretty color.  I really do not bay like most hounds or beagles.  I am sure I would love to hunt if someone wanted to train me. I LOVE to play fetch, especially with my blue nerf football.  Everytime somebody comes to visit me they think I am just too active so I am looking for a family that would like to take me for long walks, play with me outside or who has another fun- loving pup for me to play with.  I am only about one year old and am a yorkie / shih tzu mix.
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