Do you Have a few hours a week (or a few hours a month) to spare?  - COME VISIT AND SEE HOW YOU CAN VOLUNTEER AT THE SHELTER OR AT OUR EVENTS Have a little extra room in your home and your heart for an extra furry friend? PROVIDE A LOVING FOSTER HOME FOR ONE OF OUR LITTLE (OR NOT SO LITTLE) ONES. Want your children to learn about the joy that comes from giving of themselves and the rewards of giving love to an animal in need? WE ALLOW CHILDREN OF ALL AGES TO VOLUNTEER ON SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS (MOM AND DAD YOU MUST BE AT THE SHELTER WITH YOUR CHILD IF THEY ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 13) Have some extra doggie beds, blankets or toys that you would like to see used for a good cause?  DONATED ITEMS MAY BE DROPPED OFF 24 HOURS A DAY. Love dogs and would like to spend some quality time with a canine?  WE WELCOME WALKERS, PETTERS, PLAYERS, GROOMERS, WASHERS AND ALL OTHER DOG LOVERS EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK BETWEEN ONE AND FIVE PM. Drop us a line or give us a call.  Every single contribution from big to small is greatly appreciated. Your simple act of kindness can make a tremendous difference to the lives of our dogs.  If you wish to provide a donation for the purchase of supplies please contact us to learn how you can contribute. If you wish to contribute towards veterinary care on any of our dogs you may make the contribution either to us or to one of the veterinarians who assist us in providing spay/neuters, eye surgeries and other necessary veterinary treatment for our dogs! “If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of your heart.” Haven at the Paws Inn