ADOPTION FEES: What are your adoption fees? Our fees generally range between $100 and $375 per dog.  If you have questions about a particular dog please call or email to ask for the adoption information for that animal.   Dogs that are not spayed or neutered prior to going home also have a refundable $75.00 spay/neuter deposit in addition to the adoption fee. Those fees seem pretty high to me, wouldn’t you place more animals if you had lower fees? Our adoption fees help us to cover part of the costs that we incur on each dog.  Having the dogs vaccinated as needed, spayed or neutered as needed and providing daily care, food and for other veterinary expenses does cost money.  While we are happy to provide for our dogs until they find their forwever family’s, if we are not able to rcoup all or part of our expenses, then we will not be able to provide for more dogs in the future.  Adoption fees also help us to ensure that the family adopting the dog is serious about the per and will be able to provide for the dog in the future.  Remember an annual exam with vaccination, heart worm test and preventative can be more than our adoption fess and if you adopt a dog that has not had this basic care performed, you may well spend more on the dog than our adoption fee. Your Adoption fees are higher then the fees charged by our local animal control.  Why is that since they also vaccinate and spay / neuter the animals? Most local animal shelters are funded by your tax dollars thus they do not have the budgetary contraints that we do.  Also, most Animal Control Facilities euthanize pets if they have not been adopted during a certain period.  We retain the dog until a suitable placement can be found. What is required to adopt an animal from the Haven? Our adoption decisions are made on a case by case basis.  We will consider the comments of the references you have provided (the most weight being given to veterinarians or other animal professionals), your financial stability and capability to provide for the animal you are adopting.  In general we will not approve an application without a veterinary reference. I would like to help.  How can I help? Please visit the Volunteer Opportunities section of the website or contact us for information. What are my responsibilities as a Foster Home. You agree to care for your foster as if it was your own pet.  You will be responsible for providing food and all day-to-day care.  In some cases you may be required to transport the pet to a veterinarian appointment, training session or adoption event.  You will also be responsible for showing the dog to prospective adoptive families and providing us with your comments and impressions of the family as potential adoptor’s for your foster dog.  You will not be responsible for paying for veterinary expenses (though may elect to do so). We are fostering a dog and have fallen in love.  Can we adopt the dog we are fostering? Absolutely, foster families are always given the opportunity to adopt any dog that they are fostering on our behalf.  You will be required to complete an adoption application and pay the adoption fee for the dog you select. What happens if the dog I adopt just does not work out? Any dog that is not working out for you must be returned to the Haven.  If you have found a friend or family member who truly wants the dog, you must contact us and we will work with you to approve the dog to adoption to your friend or family member. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us..   Haven at the Paws Inn