We are dog lovers, just no getting around it.  The Haven is our family’s very small way of giving back to a few of the deserving dogs out there who just need the time to find a loving person who will give them a second chance.  The dogs who just need a chance to have the life filled with love and happiness that they deserve.  We wish we could save them all because every single one of the dogs big and small that has come through our doors and stayed for a little while (or sometimes a very long while) has touched our hearts and enriched our lives beyond measure.  We know we can’t...but with your help we we can make a difference to the dogs who are here and to the dogs who are waiting. We invite you to explore our website and humbly offer you the chance to let one of our special dogs touch your life and your heart in the same way that they have each touched ours. We give our heartfelt thanks to you for considering adding a rescue dog to your family because without your help we could not give these wonderful animals the one simple thing that they need more than anything else, a chance. Haven at the Paws Inn A man saw a young woman loading dogs from an over- crowded shelter into the rescue transport van. He asked her what she was doing, to which she replied, "I am bringing these dogs to rescues and foster homes - if I don't, then they will die." Laughing, the man said, "But,  there are so many thousands of unwanted dogs, you can't possibly make a difference." She looked at him, shrugged, loaded the last dog into the van then turned to him and said, "I just did